The Five Best Ways to Use a Full Length Mirror in Your Home

Full Length Mirror

Treat yourself to some much-needed self-reflection by decorating with mirrors! Mirrors are ideal if you’re trying to de-clutter and make your home look bigger at the same time, or if you just want to see yourself from every angle as you move around. Here are the five best ways to use a full length mirror in your home!

Wall mirrors

These leaner mirrors are perfect for creating and illusion of space. They work best as accent pieces, but can also be used as an entire room design detail by complementing and echoing other design themes. Choose black frames and hang multiple mirrors at varying heights throughout your home for cohesive, unified look. Here's how to choose wall-mounted mirrors that work well with your space


Don’t like your full-length mirror taking up space? Leaner mirrors are a great way to get that reflection without taking up too much room. Lean them up against one of your walls, they can even be leaned against furniture! Also, black full-length mirrors provide a little mystery, which makes them right on trend. Place them strategically next to a door or window and enjoy that secret view.

Large floor mirrors

A large, leaner mirror provides you with an open and airy feeling. You can place these almost anywhere – you can even use them for adding length and openness to your home’s foyer or hallway. Floor-length mirrors will instantly make a room feel much bigger. These work well as accent pieces, because they are so big. They are especially useful when placed near windows as they add light reflection into a space while also filling that space with length that naturally draws your eye upward and makes it seem more open. If placed on each side of a window frame, they create an interesting pattern that is reflective of sunlight when it streams through those windows.

Framed wall mirror

Whether placed in an entryway or above your living room mantel, framed wall mirrors are elegant and versatile. Even a small mirror can make a big impact when it’s hung vertically—try grouping several together. If you have an L-shaped section of wall, hang one horizontally so that its frame runs across your corner like picture molding; line up three more vertically on either side. This type of statement-making arrangement works well with rich tones or bold colors and is great for making small spaces appear larger than they are.

Dressing table mirror

Adding a dressing table mirror to your bedroom is a good way to accent your new room as well as enhance your routine. And if you have some extra space, make sure you also add an additional floor length mirror! Floor length mirrors are no longer exclusive to ballrooms; they’re becoming increasingly popular in many homes around the world. If you want, you can even invest in two or three 7 foot mirrors so that there are always more than one available in case someone wants their look checked out before going out. This is especially great for young ladies who want advice on their dress and/or makeup! Also, with home design constantly changing and maturing, floor length mirrors are becoming more and more common; being able to use multiple versions of it certainly has its appeal!

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