Strategies For A Successful Cleaning Company


I am presuming you are just starting out in the cleaning business and you want to develop into a successful cleaning company. You have chosen to enter one of the most competitive markets. So how are you going to succeed? How are you going to obtain constant growth. Many cleaning concerns limit themselves to their few customers and do not want to expand and grow, but you are not one of these.

You could pick a niche market and concentrate solely on that. For example computer cleaning, keyboards, screens etc is one such niche that could be exploited. However you would have to develop a very large customer base because it is not something that is carried out on a weekly basis. The same is true for most forms of specialised cleaning. Another example would be oven cleaning. With this the potential customer base is much larger because you are aiming at the domestic customer, and there are more potential domestic customers than there are commercial ones.

Picking a niche market does not mean that you cannot be successful but it does limit your prospects.

You could widen your market and choose to go down the domestic cleaning route. The requirement for domestic cleaners is estimated to grow considerably over the next few years and many analysts suggest that this is a largely untapped market waiting to be exploited. Even here you could be missing out on opportunities if you simply offer what many domestic cleaning firms do, that is providing a cleaner who might also do some ironing. What about the windows and carpets? You could be increasing your turnover by exploiting these areas of cleaning. Why would a customer want to go to the trouble of finding separate cleaners for these tasks when you could be offering the complete package?

Exactly the same scenario applies to those firms who choose to follow the commercial cleaning route. Why restrict yourself to just office cleaning? Discover what other forms of cleaning your customers require and become expert at those as well. Commercial customers are more likely to accept your quotation if you can offer them a complete cleaning package that meets all their cleaning requirements. This takes away the necessity for them to have to find a carpet cleaner or window cleaner and simplifies their accounting process. It is highly likely that this is the way cleaning in the future will be approached by certainly the larger companies. Many of them are already striving to find cleaning companies who can offer them the complete package. Why get left behind? Become an expert in all forms of cleaning so that your company can take advantage of this trend.

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