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Through the years, the industry of window cleaning have truly evolved in providing safer working conditions for window cleaners who put their life at risk everyday just to get the work done. There are many new and innovative products available and advanced techniques and solutions for maintaining the top quality of work and at the same time eliminating the possibility of injuries and deaths of workers.

In the year 2002 alone, the Department of Labor have a record of 15,000 work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) all of which are experienced by people who are working in the window cleaning industry. This is mainly due to the awkward postures that the human body has to adapt when cleaning high-rise windows. The tasks also cause unimaginable stress and pressure to the body's joints and ligaments.

The use of a professional window cleaning ladders have been quite popular for many years now, which is a more efficient tool in reaching high and hard to reach areas. However, these professional window cleaning ladders are declared unsafe since there are an alarming number of injuries that can be attribute to the use of the said equipment. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission have divulged that there are about 65,000 ladder accidents every year, with most of this injuries required emergency treatments. It is undoutedbly one of the biggest safety hazards that workers have to risk every single day. Professional window cleaning ladders are also quite inefficient since it would require a considerable amount to time to set up and have to be moved frequently during the whole duration of the window cleaning job.

To address the alarming rate of injuries in the use of professional window cleaning ladders, an alternative option was recently introduced. The telescopic pole system consists of retractable and extendable poles that have multiple attachments that are specifically designed for individual cleaning tasks. Operators are no longer required to climb up any ladders, but instead on can work from the relative safety of the ground. These telescopic poles that be extended up to 30 feet and is said to be more comfortable to use that the ladders.

The seemingly easy task of cleaning windows have proved to be quite a challenge for any individual to have no prior experience with the task. So if you think you can tackle it yourself, you better think twice. It would be highly advisable to hire the services of the experts who have the right equipments for the job. Spending a few dollars would certainly be a better option than risking breaking a bone or your neck in the process.

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