Leather Furniture

Leather Furniture

I used to have leather furniture. Prior to purchasing it, I thought that having leather furniture would be a sign of status and make my small apartment somehow look fancier. I knew that leather furniture would cost more money but I was so excited about having a more substantial paycheck, so I spent it.

I visited several furniture stores to get some basic prices and find out about financing before I finally settled on the leather furniture that I wanted. I found a beautiful leather couch and a recliner that I knew would look great and fit into my living room perfectly.

Almost two thousand dollars later, I was making plans for having my new leather furniture delivered. I left the store with a huge smile on my face and having decided that I would be getting rid of my old furniture the night before my anticipated delivery.

As strange as it sounds, I redecorated my living room to cater to my black leather furniture that would be arriving in a few days. Since the leather furniture was black, I wanted to get some earthy colored decorations and lighter curtains that would make the living room look brighter and such. I switched my living room and bedroom curtains in order to make this happen. I also purchased black and white patterned pillows for the sofa as well. For some reason, I was making this out to be a huge event.

Finally, the delivery day for my leather furniture arrived. I think that I spent the entire morning in my empty living room waiting for the delivery men. When they arrived, I almost hugged them. Within a few moments, they had my leather furniture inside and placed in my living room. As soon as they closed the door, I was arranging it and putting the pillows out. I wanted everything to be perfect. Once evening arrived, I decided to watch a movie and lay on my new leather furniture.

I made myself comfy on the sofa and discovered that the leather material was a bit chilly. I had not thought about that before. I figured that I would get used to it. After the winter ended and the warm weather approached, my non air conditioned apartment made my leather furniture sticky and humid.

I wasn't too impressed. I found myself putting blankets down before I'd make myself comfortable. My leather furniture wasn't as spectacular as I'd imagined it to be. In fact, I found myself sliding around a few times as well. I decidedthat when I bought a house in the future, I would not be bringing my leather furniture with me. Maybe the people who have leather furniture for status don't actually sit on their furniture.

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