How to Decorate Your House with Decorative Picture Frames

Picture Frames

With all the different types of picture frames available, it can be hard to know which ones to use and where to put them in your home. That’s why decorative picture frames are such a great option, because they offer you so many different ways to make your house look gorgeous! Here are just a few ways you can decorate your house with decorative picture frames!

Determine the scale

Large decorative picture frames are ideal for homes and offices. If you're decorating a small room, you'll need fewer frames and more empty wall space. And if you're working with a larger scale room, such as an open office or loft area, you can use more large decorative picture frames without overwhelming your space. When placing large collage picture frames around your home or office, choose a complementary color scheme based on your walls and furniture. For example, if your walls are white but your sofa is red, place red-framed pictures throughout—and watch how it coordinates with everything else in the room. You can also create memorable groupings by putting together photos from one particular event.

Know your style

The first step to decorating your house is knowing your style. Do you prefer modern design or traditional furnishings? Do you like a lot of color or white walls? Most important, are you doing all of the decorating on your own, or are you working with an interior designer? A huge part of picking out decorative picture frames is knowing what’s already in your home and how it goes together; otherwise, large collage picture frames can seem out of place. Knowing that blue and green go together will help when choosing decor for a room. For example, large collage picture frames don’t work well in rooms that have purple walls—even if they match perfectly on paper.

Display frames in groups of three

A frame (or any sort of art) that is isolated doesn't make for a good focal point, according to interior designers. It's best to create small groups of three that can be placed on tables, sideboards or other surfaces in your home. This allows people a place to sit and look at your art without having it seem as though you've hung it just because you have nothing else in your home. Too many frames also creates what's called a spectator effect. People will see all of your frames up close, but won't have an area where they feel comfortable coming into contact with them.

Scatter frames on a large surface

Large, empty walls are a huge opportunity for decorating. If you have very high ceilings and large rooms, consider adding color and design by scattering decorative picture frames throughout your space. It's an easy way to personalize your living space and make it feel warm. It can also be a fun DIY project that allows you to experiment with different frame styles, shapes, and materials. Keep in mind that smaller frames tend to look better when grouped together than larger ones, but there's no rule that says you can't break them up!

Use ornate metal frames on tables

Metal picture frames are useful for creating table centerpieces, so you can use ornate frames on tables that typically go without decoration. Metal frames can be used alone or in a group, giving you plenty of variety in how your decor looks from day to day. Having metal frames on display can also encourage others to start decorating their own spaces using metal frame decorations. The more people who follow suit, the more metal picture frame centerpieces you’ll see at parties and events! That’s one way to spread a trend among your friends and family: set an example by starting it yourself! Once people notice, they might even ask where you got your metal picture frame decorations.

Place wall art in the center

It might seem counterintuitive, but it’s a good idea to place your wall art in the center of your room and let your decor build around it. When people walk into a room, they typically look at where they think they should be looking—the focal point or center of attention. You can use that tendency to your advantage by placing something like a large mirror or poster as an anchor. For example, if you want visitors to notice how nicely you framed all of those photos from Paris last summer, put them in frames with low profile sides and put them in a prominent place on your dining room wall.

Place decorative frames on shelves

An easy way to get your home to feel more decorated is by hanging framed photos on your walls. Unfortunately, framing costs money and can quickly get expensive if you’re not careful. Fortunately, there are a few tricks you can use when buying frames that will save you money and keep your photos protected for years to come. First, buy high-quality glass. This isn’t as difficult as it sounds—most decent picture frame shops will know what they’re selling, so just ask before you buy. Second, use an acid-free matting material: When choosing a mat for a photo print or painting, avoid regular cardboard mats; instead pick something made from acrylic or museum board because those materials are better at protecting prints from aging over time.

Make pictures last longer using high-quality glass

Although you may think that a great picture frame will make your image last longer, nothing could be further from the truth. The glass within a frame can actually ruin pictures as it reacts with sunlight and discolors and darkens pictures over time. The best picture frames are actually made of acrylic or polystyrene so they don’t contain any harmful chemicals. When you want your photo to last forever, choose a frame that will help it live up to its potential!

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