How Allura Fiber Cement Outperforms LP SmartSide

LP SmartSide

Most home owners recognize what they value in outside siding: lasting resilience with wonderful looks. Understanding which item provides the best results can be a complicated feat, however. Each maker considers their own item as the most effective, so it can be tough to sort with the information. The information show that Allura ™ fiber concrete is a better selection than LP ® SmartSide ®. By buying a far better product, property owners can appreciate a higher return on their investment, in addition to much better general protection from the common threats to domestic siding.

As seasoned home owners will certainly prove, small material differences can make a big distinction in the long run. There are 4 key elements where Allura fiber cement surpasses LP SmartSide, every one of which originate from the exceptional make-up of fiber cement.

Product Make-up Matters

In a sense, whatever can be strengthened to carry out better and stronger. For instance, raw timber can be painted and also tarnished to have an extra layer of security, yet the core structure of the material is something that simply can't be covered up entirely.

LP SmartSide is an engineered timber product that's made from numerous specific wood parts bound together with a material. While this certain bonding agent can make the completed product more powerful than raw wood, it still doesn't remove from the truth that LP SmartSide still includes a wood base. This suggests that all the vulnerabilities of wood will certainly still exist-- to a lower degree, yet they won't vanish entirely.

Fiber concrete, on the other hand, has a cutting-edge structure that makes it naturally stronger than wood-based items. It contains Rose city cement, water, sand, as well as cellulose fibers, so Allura fiber concrete siding is able to offer distinct benefits that simply aren't feasible with engineered wood.

4 Ways Allura Fiber Cement Outperforms LP Smartside

The material composition of these two products yields a clear distinction in general performance. Right here are four ways that Allura fiber concrete outshines LP SmartSide:

1. Weather and Bug Resistant

Allura fiber cement is normally more resistant to weather dangers, like wind, rain, heat, and also hailstorm, because of its sturdy make-up. Allura fiber cement supplies much better security from the components-- which is necessary whether you live in the damp Gulf Coast, the completely dry deserts of the Southwest, or the snowy states up North.

In addition, pests can locate LP SmartSide much more eye-catching than Allura fiber concrete due to its all-natural wood composition. Termites, carpenter ants, as well as other insects will certainly have a much more challenging time nesting right into fiber cement due to its durable toughness. Timber is excellent for bugs, and LP SmartSide is a form of crafted timber.

2. Fire Immune

Another well-defined benefit of Allura fiber cement is that it is a lot more fire resistant than LP SmartSide. Home siding products are often evaluated for flammability as well as designated a rating based upon exactly how swiftly a fire is most likely to spread out when the home siding is revealed to open up flames. Allura fiber concrete siding has a Class A Fire Score (that's the highest possible score), which implies that it does not permit fire to spread as swiftly as flammable products, like wood.

LP SmartSide may be dealt with to be extra fire immune, it's still made from wood strands, making fire a constant concern in a lot of homeowners' minds.

3. Gives a Greater Return on Investment

According to the Improvement Price vs. Value Report of 2021, fiber concrete house siding can see an estimated 69.4% roi. That's significant for home owners who approach renovating tasks as a chance to boost their house's worth with a constant, long-term financial investment. This report does not evaluate brand-specific products, nonetheless it is a great source for house owners to take into consideration when determining in between Allura fiber cement home siding as well as LP SmartSide.

4. Dampness Resistant

This distinction stems from the make-up of these 2 exterior siding products. Fiber concrete is water resistant, however engineered wood still runs the risk of soaking up wetness due to its wood-based composition. Moisture damage can eventually result in deteriorating, mold growth, weakened exterior siding panels, and also undesirable spots.

Whether you have actually obtained a white house with black trim or a dark-colored house that's better outfitted to hide water discolorations, the destructive results of dampness damage can not be ignored. As soon as crafted wood exterior siding is compromised, the opportunity of dampness permeating into the home's structural parts and indoor space can increase. It's a risk that no wise house owner wants to take.

Allura Fiber Cement is the Better Choice for Long-Lasting Performance
Every one of these factors add up to substantial effects in long-term performance and also worth. The even more damages that exterior siding sustains, the even more money and time will be required to pour into maintenance and repair work. Choosing a high-performance material, like Allura fiber cement home siding, is the most effective way to obtain an outstanding exterior.

Call Allura today to discuss the large range of fiber concrete home siding items available, and begin making your imagine a lovely, well-protected house a fact.

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